ACA Repeal Would Result in Job Loss


A graphic of the United States ACA showing job loss by state

Job loss is a lesser-discussed, but important, effect of a repeal of the Affordable Care Act. A recent report from Dr. Josh Bivens at the Economic Policy Institute found that an ACA repeal would result in 1.2 million fewer jobs by 2019 than would have been created otherwise. Health care jobs are not the only ones in jeopardy, as the tax credits and Medicaid expansions have led to employment outside of the health care sector. A Commonwealth Fund study estimates a loss of 2.6 million jobs nationally, with only a third of those jobs in the health care sector.

Health care stands to lose the most jobs at 912,000 by 2019. Other economic sectors that will be affected by the cut in ACA funding, indirectly or directly, include construction and real estate, retail trade, and finance and insurance. For example, construction and real estate is projected to lose 292,000 jobs by 2019. Finance and insurance stands to lose 159,000 jobs by 2019.

A repeal of the ACA will affect more than health care coverage; it will also affect the job market in every state.

Databyte via “How would repealing the Affordable Care Act affect health care and jobs in your state?” Economic Policy Institute.