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Caroline Dignard

Caroline Dignard is an MPH candidate at Boston University School of Public Health focusing on health policy, epidemiology, and biostatistics. She cares deeply about using data-informed health policy to improve health outcomes. Caroline is interested in improving healthcare accessibility, environmental justice, LGBTQ+ health, and Indigenous rights. In her free time, she loves listening to podcasts, bouldering (along with playing any and all sports), and cooking with her friends.

Sean Hagan

Sean Hagan is an MPH candidate at Boston University School of Public Health with a focus on health policy. His diverse interests in health care and public health have been informed in part by his experiences conducting clinical research in emergency medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and health services research in pediatric neurology at Boston Medical Center. Sean has also enjoyed meaningful volunteer experiences as a 988 crisis counselor and afterschool tutor for Boston Public School students. He also enjoys lots of clichéd hobbies.

Adna Jaganjac

Adna Jaganjac is an MPH candidate at Boston University School of Public Health focusing on healthcare management and mental health. She is interested in improving quality and equity within healthcare delivery systems and increasing literacy around mental health. In her free time, she enjoys reading and writing, rock climbing, and traveling.

Kara Schmidt

Kara Schmidt is an MPH candidate at Boston University School of Public Health studying epidemiology and biostatistics with a concentration in social justice and human rights. She is interested in how health is viewed across different cultures and how these views effect policy and programming implementation. She is most passionate about Indigenous rights, and she hopes to continue to research health inequity within Indigenous populations. Kara unwinds by catching up on her favorite shows on Netflix or spoiling her cat named Shark.

Mallory Bersi

Managing Editor

Mallory Bersi joined Public Health Post after several years of working in public health communications. She received her MPH from Boston University School of Public Health with a focus in health communication and promotion and maternal and child health. When she is not getting lost in a good book or (overly) invested in TV characters, you can find her experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

Jennifer Beard

Associate Editor

Jennifer Beard, PhD, MA, MPH, is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Global Health. She was a co-principal investigator for the multi-study Ghana Operations Research for Key Populations project. The nine qualitative studies focused on the HIV prevention and other needs of young female sex workers and their intimate partners, prisoners, men who have sex with men, post-secondary female students, women who work in bars, people who inject drugs, and people living with HIV at risk of dropping out of antiretroviral therapy.

Michael Stein

Executive Editor

Michael Stein is the chair of the Department of Health Law, Policy & Management at Boston University School of Public Health, executive editor of Public Health Post, and author most recently of the books, Me vs Us: A Health Divided, and Accidental Kindness: A Doctor’s Notes on Empathy. He and Sandro Galea have a new book, The Turning Point: Reflections on a Pandemic, coming out in March 2024. He is a physician and health services researcher who is an international authority on the intersection of primary care, mental health, and substance use disorders.