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Edward Alexander

PHP Fellow

Edward Alexander is an MPH candidate at the Boston University School of Public Health focusing on community assessment, program design, implementation, and evaluation. His primary concerns are the way historic systems of racial and ethnic inequality manifest themselves in present health inequities. He is specifically driven to work within communities to improve their access to and utilization of health services, especially in chronic disease and reproductive services. Edward is a voracious consumer of words—in all their forms—and music, so he’s probably reading, listening to music, or doing both right now.

Gray Babbs

PHP Fellow

Gray Babbs is an MPH candidate at the Boston University School of Public Health pursuing certificates in epidemiology/biostatistics and sex, sexuality, and gender. Broadly, Gray is interested in how quantitative data and health policy inform one another, specifically in rural and LGBTQ populations. Drawing from their Kentucky storytelling roots, they are interested in the ways that public health research can be more effectively communicated to impacted communities and the public at large. In their free time, Gray enjoys baking bread and defending baseball as the world’s best sport.

Tasha McAbee

PHP Fellow

Tasha McAbee is an MPH candidate at the Boston University School of Public Health. She is also a professional medical illustrator/animator at Boston Children’s Hospital and enjoys educating through design and visual media. When not contemplating things like health law and policy, gender gaps in health, vaccine hesitancy, and environmental health, she can be found spending time with her three dogs, or more accurately, taking countless pictures of them.

Pat Williams

PHP Fellow

Pat is working on an MPH in healthcare management at Boston University. Public health topics he is most fascinated by include the intersections between socioeconomic status and career development, the connections between social support structures and comorbid mental health conditions, and the impacts of health literacy on healthcare decisions.  Pat has experience using his undergraduate degree in Psychology to author for an addiction research blog similar to the Public Health Post.

Jennifer Beard

Associate Editor

Jennifer Beard, PhD, MA, MPH, is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Global Health. She was a co-principal investigator for the multi-study Ghana Operations Research for Key Populations project. The nine qualitative studies focused on the HIV prevention and other needs of young female sex workers and their intimate partners, prisoners, men who have sex with men, post-secondary female students, women who work in bars, people who inject drugs, and people living with HIV at risk of dropping out of antiretroviral therapy.

Nicholas Diamond

Managing Editor

Nicholas Diamond is Managing Editor of Public Health Post, Consultant for Strategic Health Communications at MPact Global Action for Gay Men’s Health and Rights, and Adjunct Instructor at Albion College. He uses storytelling as an advocacy tool for the public’s health. Nicholas has experience in public health, communications, marketing, and program management at the Boston University School of Public Health, MPact, and Massachusetts General Hospital. He focuses on sex, sexuality, gender, and health and testified as an expert witness at the US Department of Justice to secure asylum for the Senegalese LGBT community. Nicholas holds a Bachelors in French and Cell and Molecular Biology from Albion College and a Masters in Public Health from the Boston University School of Public Health.

Michael Stein

Executive Editor

Michael Stein is the chair of the Department of Health Law, Policy & Management at the Boston University School of Public Health, executive editor of Public Health Post, and co-author of the newly released PAINED: Uncomfortable Conversations about the Public’s Health with Sandro Galea. He is a physician and health services researcher who is an international authority on the intersection of primary care, mental health, and substance use disorders.