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Our student writing fellows occasionally write series, and we invite you to revisit their thoughtful content about Asian American and Pacific Islanders, food insecurity, and the sex work industry. And be sure to subscribe to our Friday Roundup so you don’t miss upcoming series about Louisiana health, anti-fat bias, and the arts and health.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, a four-part series from May 2021 highlighting the impact of colonialism on Pacific Islanders in the U.S. territories. Work on this series inspired its author, Sara Mar, a 2021 PHP fellow, to pursue a Pulitzer Center reporting fellowship in Guam about the Indigenous CHamorus.

Green Crime of Colonization

A Colonizer’s Diet

The Trauma of Colonization

“US Territory” – A Consequential Label

Risky Business: Sex Work Amid the Pandemic, a four-part series and introduction from June by 2022 fellows Hannah Tremont and Bethany Hallenborg examining how the criminalization and stigma of sex work affects workers in various sectors of the sex industry.

Sex Work is Work

Michael Cox and Rayna Danis profile

Stripped Aid

Bella Blue profile

Food for Thought, a three-part series from this month by 2022 fellow Barbara Espinosa about how food banks and food pantries contribute to food security.

Regina Wu profile

Hungry for Health

Nursing Healthy Eating

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