Public Health Post Fellowship


Are you interested in health communications? Apply for the PHP Fellowship

Public Health Post (PHP) starts new conversations about health, engaging over 25,000 policymakers, journalists, scholars, students, and public health professionals. PHP launched three years ago to educate and entertain readers and to influence policy on a local, national, and global scale. PHP’s guest authors and staff Fellows translate data and research about the critical stories in health and social justice into bite-sized, thought-provoking stories. We combine data visualization of health statistics, traditional journalism, research summaries, interviews, debates, video and curated content to direct and inflect the broader currents of health in this era of alternative facts.

What you will do as a PHP Fellow 2020-2021

  • research and write powerful stories on population health and social justice
  • profile leaders in health
  • develop a portfolio of 40+ publications
  • drive the national dialogue on public health issues
  • participate in a startup culture with a diverse team of writers and editors
  • receive a $12,000 stipend

Applying for the PHP Fellowship

Please send your resume, cover letter, a paragraph on the strengths and weaknesses of one article from, and a two-sentence summary of any recent academic public health journal article to Nicholas Diamond at Attend the Fellowship Info Reception in September – more details to come!


October 21, 2019 at 12:00 midnight EST

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