2023 PHP Fellowship


Are you interested in health communications? Apply for the PHP Fellowship

Public Health Post (PHP) informs and inflects the broader conversation on health and social justice by engaging policymakers, journalists, scholars, students, and public health professionals. PHP launched four years ago to educate and entertain readers and to influence health on a local, national, and global scale. PHP’s guest authors and graduate student fellows translate data and research into bite-sized, thought-provoking stories. We present health statistics, research summaries, interviews with important health thinkers, and easy-to-understand data graphics to start new conversations about health.


What you will do as a PHP Fellow February 2023 – January 2024

  • research and write powerful stories on population health and social justice
  • profile leaders in health
  • publish 40+ articles in a year
  • drive the national dialogue on public health issues
  • participate in a startup culture with a diverse team of writers and editors
  • co-facilitate weekly writing workshops
  • receive a $12,000 stipend (15 hours/week)

Applying for the PHP Fellowship

Questions? Contact Teresa Wood Kett, Managing Editor, twkett@bu.edu

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